Two Face Buff Towel 15" x 15"

৳ 450 ৳ 500

The 2-Faced Towel sandwiches two premium microfiber towels together to make one extremely soft and thick towel perfect for final touch detailing and sensitive cleaning on fragile auto finishes.

  • Premium, no scratch edging.

  • Buffing / Leveling of all types of ceramic coatings

Two Faces, One Perfect Finish

The 2-Faced Towel combines two ultra-soft towels into one plush finishing towel. Bright yellow microfiber on one side easily highlights any dirt or debris to cue when to flip to the gray side for final scratch-free buffing. The twin high-pile length easily and gently soaks up wash water, detail sprays, and waterless washes without scratching to reveal a deep lustrous reflection below. 

Unit: .01

Category: Towel

Brand: Tonyin China